Friday, March 28, 2008


Phil, thank you for being so encouraging by introducing me to the world of BLOGS! Big ups to Montclair New Jersey, Brooklyn, and the whole Tri -state area. Being raised in this region amongst different types of people has opened my eyes to cultural acceptance. I feel that I have a responsibility to share and open up multi cultural dialogue because it's something that I enjoy. This site is about opening our eyes to the beautiful things that all of our cultures have to offer. Often when society defines our ethnic group we limit ourselves to those small parameters.

Let's be open to redefining how we see ourselves.

Please take advantage of the polls that I have posted. They are intended to force us to look at ourselves and question our cognitive predispositions. Also, please enjoy the videos at the bottom of the blog. They will changed periodically and introduce to some and remind others of the beauty of our cultural dances and traditions.

Ya Basta!


Phil said...

Malcolm, it is great to have you on board. There are a small number of us doing this so lets have fun and be heard.

think n smile with yuni said...
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think n smile with yuni said...


iam yuni from indonesia..
i think in my country..
there are many culture like java, balinese, sundanese, ambonese, and soon..

and i can see many carachter (i mean many colour of skin) in my country..
in java.. you will see the white people..
in bali you will see the combine of java and ambon..
in ambon.. some people has the black skin..

and you know..
it's make me love my country..

Muhammad Nadeem Akhtar said...

hey u hve developed a good idea on blog

Villager said...

Welcome to the afrosphere! Your blog has been added to the Villager's Black Blog Rankings! You are currently BBR #1212...